Consulta Holística

Holistic Consultant

Specialist in archetypical language of the subconsciousness.

Module 1 of BioNeuroEmoción in the Enric Corbera Institute, Malaga 2015

Module 2 of BioNeuroEmoción – Neurolinguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis applied to BNE in the Enric Corbera Institute, Malaga 2015

Module 3 of BioNeuroEmoción – Specific Trainings in the Enric Corbera Institute, Sant Cugat del Vallés 2015

Module 4 of BioNeuroEmoción – Investigation and Change of Beliefs in the Enric Corbera Institute, Sant Cugat del Vallés 2015

Practitioner in PNL – Spanish Association of Neurolinguistic Programming, Malaga 2015

Master Practitioner in PNL – Spanish Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Sant Cugat del Vallés 2015

Personal and group practices of BioNeuroEmotion, Transgenerational, Project Sense and Technical Consultation with Raúl Durán and Daniella Barea 2015 – 2016

Initial Course with Jean Pierre Garnier Malet: “The Doubling Time Theory“, Madrid  2015

Course of Psycho-Emotional Numerology in Base 22, with Alfonso Ortega, Madrid 2015

Course of Advanced Numerology of the Archetypes of Personality with Raúl Durán, Málaga 2015

Course of Bach Flower Therapy, with Sandra Murguet, Malaga 2015

Reiki  Karuna certificate 1 y 2, Valencia 2014

Course of Metamorphic Technique, Valencia 2013

Course of Akashic Records in the Amarah School, Valencia 2013 – 2014

Course of Orion Technique, with Mar Martín, Valencia 2014

Reiki Master Usui Tibetan System certificate, with Diana Solaz, Valencia 2012 – 2014

Reiki Master Traditional Japanese certificate, with Diana Solaz, Valencia 2012 – 2014

School of Life, since 1980