Healing and Orientation for the Human Being

In the consultation we enter a quantum and alchemical space of healing and consciousness in which all the different work resources we have complement depending on your purpose. We will go deep into our unconsciousness and together we will face any type of experience related to your physical, emotional or mental balance. We will look into your personal history, we will read some chapters of your life and we will listen to the echo of your ancestors words that still vibrate among the branches of your own tree. We will investigate together every step of you life since today towards back to the day you were born and beyond, to your conception, to your intrauterine memories and farther.

In this space you will be offered orientation and support so that you can discover the biological meaning of a physical symptom, or psycological or emotional, so that you can reconnect with your own body and in the mean time you will discover the funcioning of your own psyche through the archetypes of you unconsciousness that rules every area of your life.

The basics of this work lie especially in the principles of the quantum physics, in the archetypical characteristics of the unconscious mind, in the seven hermetical or universal laws, in the last decades advanced studies and researches in areas such as biology, medicine, psycology, natural therapies and in the most important aspects of human life.

In this alchemical space there is nothing that you cannot consult, but we always keep in mind that the answer to your question, to each doubt, lies within you. The job of the consultant, the companion, is to bring you there into your subconsciousness where all the information is kept and saved so that you can take it out by yourself and get your personal power back. You can do so by becoming aware of Who You Really Are to live your life in full harmony and coherence with your Being.


In order to know ourselves better, to understand how we function, to comprehend and to heal our symptoms and our relationships with others, to understand how our deep beliefs create our reality, to grow and evolve, to discover our hidden potential and above all to stop surviving and start living.

The holistic term (from the Greek hólos which means total, complete, integral) refers to a global and complete vision of a certain object, subject, experience. For this reason a holistic consultation offers the possibility of observing in an objective way all the possible causes of our experiences, learning the archetypal language of our unconscious in order to understand that the universe that shows itself outside is a projection of all the information that we carry hidden in our interior.

In the session we will investigate specially the following areas:

  • The archetypical structure of your personality based on the numerology of your date of birth.
  • The Project Sense, the experiences in the womb life, part of your childhood and the possible inheritated beliefs.
  • The Transgenerational analysis, the inheritance of your genealogical tree, the beliefs and the possible unconscious active programs.
  • Possible accompany with Bach Flower Therapy, Metamorphic Technique or Reiki (only in person).

During the session – which will last 90 minutes – we will enter in a quantum and akashic space and we will speak the archetypical language of your unconscious mind.

Sessions in English, Spanish or Italian, in person or online.


Since I was very young my dream is to grow up so I can explore, navigate, learn and know. Despite the beauty of the place where I live – Sardinia, Italy – my wishes lead me to travel and to discover more and more different places, different people and different cultures. I am fascinated by all that is knowledge and research, exploration and experience.

My aspirations and my beliefs change proportionally to the acquired learning and the lived experiences. My way of seeing life and fulfilling it is completely revolutionized whenever I integrate new knowledge and new information. No matter how little I like the crisis, the transformation and the change, they are always a constant part of my life. I discover myself deeper and deeper, I destroy old ways of functioning as they cease to be functional in my life. I keep reorganizing my personality, changing the forms and colors of which I am made, with the aim of reaching my true essence, navigating the subterranean rivers of the unconsciousness, to discover myself and to forget the idea that I believe that I have about me.

I grow professionally within different companies – telecommunications, finance, tourism – in different departments, positions and countries. At the same time, I grow also thanks to the people and teachers who come into my life, to the joys and sorrows that the life itself entails, but I never cease to learn and to nourish my passion for knowledge, from whatever source it comes from.

In this way I have been studying and learning different disciplines, integrating and complementing them in order to understand myself and the world around me: bioneuroemotion®, the study of the genealogical tree, the project sense, neuro-linguistic programming, ericksonian hypnosis, reiki, metamorphic technique, Bach flower therapy, akashic records, numerology of personality, archetypes of the human psyche, just to name a few.

Today I choose to share everything I have learned and accompany those who wish to be taken on this path of discovery and change of consciousness.

Marco Giovarruscio

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